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Murray-Plains Health Spa Pty Ltd provides a range of Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy, Natural Health, Weight Loss & Remedial Massage Services.

Ph:   0498 392 632

Where Are We?

We are mobile across the Sunshine Coast, with some services also provided online.

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What Services Do We Provide?

Anxiety / Stress

Pauline (Polly) has been providing effective treatments for Anxiety & Stress for nearly three decades.  In 2018 she added Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to her skills, and now provides an integrated and holistic approach for her clients that suffer ongoing or episodic anxiety and stress.  A typical consultation / treatment involves: Assessment (Iridology / Symptomatology / Voice Bio), Functional Tests, Natural Treatment Options and Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy (if recommended).  Please click HERE in order to arrange a 15 minute free consultation, to see how we can assist you.

Digestive Health (Naturopathy)

Digestion first begins in our mind, when we imagine, see, hear, touch or smell food.  Then when we do eat, the type of foods and drinks that we ingest can either nourish us or create digestive distress and chronic disease.  Seeing a naturopath for digestive dysfunction can be such an informative and enabling experience, however it will also involve change.  A typical consultation / treatment will nearly always involve a dietary intervention, in order to bring about lasting change.  Please click HERE to arrange a 15 minute free consultation, to see how we can assist you.  

Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is used successfully for: anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, habits, insomnia, goal setting, limiting beliefs, low self esteem, overthinking, panic attacks, phobias, problematic behaviours, relationship problems, smoking, stress, sugar consumption, success and weight loss, etc.  Hypnotherapy is a natural state of being, and is a very therapeutic tool for change.   Please click  HERE  for more information, or contact us to arrange a 15 minute free consultation, to see how we can assist you.

Relaxation (Deep Tissue Massage)

There are so many benefits of deep tissue relaxation massage therapy.   This style of massage is an effective way of relieving aches, pains, tension and stress, and targets the source of the body’s pain and tension by: decreasing tension in the muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation for the body and mind.  Relaxing deep tissue massage can be targeted to the areas of the body that needs it the most.  Please click  HERE  for more information about our massage services, or click HERE to make an online booking

Remedial / Sports Massage 

Murray stands out in the profession due to his many qualifications and years of experience.  He loves nothing more than to be presented with a complex case, and to resolve the pain and dysfunction.  He has successfully treated top level athletes  and Olympians, as well as general people who have muscular / joint injuries and dysfunction.  If people have not been able to resolve their musculoskeletal issue, then they usually turn to Murray for assistance.   Please click  HERE  for more information, or book an appointment  HERE.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss program is very unique and has evolved over the last 25 years, whilst helping people to lose weight and keep it off.   The program is specifically tailored, in order to respond to your individual needs and time frames, and includes a block of three sessions.   Each session is unique and includes:  health education, weight loss strategies, coaching, a menu guide, and dietary advice.   It also includes hypnotherapy / psychotherapy sessions, in order to maximise your results.  Telephone or text by clicking HERE, to arrange a free 15 minute consultation to see how we can help you.

About Us

Murray Thorson (Remedial Therapist)

Diploma Remedial Massage, Spinal Reflex Analysis (USA) Practitioner, Certificate DORN Therapy, Certified ONSEN Practitioner, Master Trainer in Fitness, Certificate 4 in Fitness &Certificate  4 in Massage.  Specializes in Sports & Remedial Massage.  

Member:    Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

Pauline (Polly) Thorson (Complementary Therapist)

Bachelor Complementary Medicine, Grad Dip Iridology, Advanced Dip Naturopathy, Advanced Dip Herbal Medicine, Dip Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy, Dip Nutrition, Dip Swedish Massage, Cert 4 in Homoeopathy, Microcurrent Practitioner, & VoiceBio Practitioner.

Member:    ANTA,   ATMS   &   AHA.

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