Plant-Based Eating - Why?

Plant-Based Eating Is The Key To Good Health.

In light of the ‘Food Revolution’, as well as the overwhelming research that is readily available, Murray-Plains Health Spa now only promotes a Whole-Food Plant Based Diet.   Please click on the educational links below for further information, and then keep scrolling for some great plant-based recipes. 

The Healthiest Diet

Dr Esselstyn

Live Better

Dr Dean Ornish

Plant-Based Diet

Dr Neal Barnard

Vegan Diet

Dr Michael Greger

What is the Healthiest Diet?

Dr Michael McGregor MD

Forks Over Knives

Available on Netflix

Plant Strong & Healthy

Rip Esselstyn

Reversed Heart Disease

Dr Jim Conway MD

Preventative Medicine

Dr Dean Ornish MD

What I Eat For Dinner

Plant-Based Doctors

An Intro To A Plant-Food Diet

Dr Lim

What’s Wrong With Some Diets?

Panel Discussion

How To Begin A Plant-Based Diet

Jeanne Schumacher

Cardiac Disease

Dr Esselstyn (Cardiologist)

Plants Changed My Life

Pat McAuley

How Much Protein Do We Need?

Dr Pam Popper ND

Scientifically Proven Best Diet

Medical Panel

Osteoporosis & Dairy Products

Dr Pam Popper ND

Foods and Cancer

Dr Michael McGreger MD

Foods That Add Years

Dr Michael McGreger MD

A 98 Year Old Vegan

Dr Ellsworth Wareham


Plant-Based Diet – Mistakes

Brenda Davis RD

Autoimmune Disease

Dr Pam Popper 

How Not To Die

Dr Michael Greger

Why Go Vegan?

Dr Neal Barnard