Cauliflower Puree

When a recipe calls for cream and you don’t wish to use Soy or Coconut Cream, then you can use this Cauliflower Puree as a great dairy-free (and very nutritious) alternative.  It can be used in curries and pastas very successfully, and it is surprisingly delicious.


Ingredients & Method

Cut up 1/2 a Cauliflower and boil it in enough Vitasoy Soy Milky to cover.  When the Cauliflower is tender, set aside the pot to cool slightly. Then pop all of the Soy Milk and Cauliflower in a blender and blitz it until it is a smooth puree. 

Place this puree in small quantities in the freezer, and take out and thaw it naturally before adding it to any recipe that needs cream or a creamy consistency. 

You’ll be surprised how much the puree DOESN’T taste like soy milk or cauliflower.  If, however, you use a different Soy Milk that is stronger in flavour, you may taste the Soy.