Vegetable Risotto


1 x Vegetable Base Portion (click  HERE  for recipe)

1 x Jar of Leggo’s Stir Through Sauce

2 x Cups Risotto Rice (cooked)

Salt, Pepper and Paprika (to taste)

Optional Extra: Cauliflower Rice (1-2 steam bags)

Note:  The Leggo’s Stir Through Sauces that we use for this recipe are:

  • Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic,   or
  •  Roasted Vegetables


Combine a portion of the vegetable base with some of the cooked risotto rice and the Leggo’s Stir Through Sauce.

We add the rice slowly (a small portion at a time) because if you add too much, then your risotto will be tasteless.  If you add too much rice, then you’ll need to add more sauce to fix it.

Warm the combined veges, rice and sauce, and adjust the flavour with salt, pepper and paprika (if desired).

Serve with some extra risotto rice or cauliflower rice.


Note: You may have some rice left over, for another meal.

Note:  We don’t add any of the seasonings, because we find the meal to be tasty without it.