Vegetable Base

This is an awesome vegetable base for many of our meals.  We cook this up in bulk, and then freeze it in smaller amounts.  Then when we want to make cottage pie, risotto, vegetable rolls or a bolognese sauce, then we simply take out a portion and add it to our recipe.


3 x Brown Onions

1 x Red Capsicum

1 x Green Capsicum

1 x Yellow Capsicum

1 x Garlic Bulb (small) – all the cloves

4 x Zucchinis (small – medium)

4 x Mushrooms (large)

2 x Carrots (large)

2 x Bok Choy bunches

Hot Water

Rice Bran Oil 


Finely dice the brown onions and fry until caramelized, and then put them aside to cool.

Finely dice the capsicum and fry them in two batches until caramelized, and then put them aside.

Finely dice the garlic and lightly fry them.  Then put them aside to cool.

Finely dice the zucchinis and then place them in a large wok or fry pan with a little water (with the lid on).  Keep adding small amounts of hot water (as needed) until the zucchini is cooked.  Ensure that you cook the water out, otherwise tip any excess water out once cooked.  Then put them aside to cool.  

Finely dice the mushrooms and lightly fry them, then put them aside to cool.

Finely dice the bok choy stems and lightly fry them.   Take the pan off the heat, and then finely dice the bok choy leaves and add them to the stems in the pan. Grate the carrots and also add them to the pan.  Cook them all lightly, until they are wilted.  Put them aside to cool.

Once all of the cooked ingredients have cooled, then combine them, and either refrigerate them or section them ready for the freezer.

Note: We use the oil very, very sparingly, and we use a very hot pan and keep the vegetables moving so that they don’t stick.