Vietnamese Salad


Iceberg Lettuce (shred)

2 x Baby Cucumbers (diced)

1 x Carrot (grated)

Vermicelli (Glass) Noodles (softened in hot water) 

Bean Sprouts (handful)

Fried Onion (Dried)

Crushed Peanuts (or Almonds)

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Dipping Sauce For Spring Rolls


Arrange the lettuce, carrot and cucumber in a bowl.  

Drain the Vermicelli noodles, and arrange them in the bowl as well.

Arrange the bean sprouts on top.

Sprinkle over the fried dried onions and the chopped nuts.  The quantity is up to you.

Arrange 3-4 chopped spring rolls on top.

Tip over the Vietnamese Dipping Sauce.

Note:  We use Pandaroo Fried Onion (which is dried and diced up really small) and Poonsin Vietnamese Dipping Sauce.