Roasted Vegetables

You can still enjoy a roast, when eating a wholefood plant-based diet.  We have a roast every week, and we roast up a variety of vegetables, and include some pan fried mushrooms and some boiled or stir fried greens as well.

We eat our roasted veges with a Vege Delight Sausage, and top it off with either a plant-based gravy or a sauce of our liking.  If you would prefer a meat alternative (such as meatloaf), then please click  HERE  for more info.  

If you would like some chicken and pork alternatives, then click  HERE  for more options.

The veges that we have used for the meal in the photo include: carrot, potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, mushrooms, brown onion, brussels sprout, beans & broccoli.


Note:  A plant-based gravy can be purchased by clicking  HERE.