Avocado Salad Wrap


Vegan Chipotle Mayonnaise (Naked Byron Foods)



Purple Onion

Purple Cabbage

Carrot (long peels of carrot)

Cucumber (seeds removed)

Red & Green Capsicum

Chick Peas


Cooked Mushrooms


We add Sun Dried Tomatoes on occasion, and when we run out of Chick Peas and Quiona, we use the Birds Eye Steam Fresh Quiona with Brown Rice.


Place the Mayonnaise on the wrap first, and then lay the diced Avocado on the Mayonnaise.  This will assist to stop the Avocado from going brown.

Next, simply layer up the wrap with all of the salad ingredients.  We chop everything up fairly small, which makes rolling the wrap up a little easier.

We always place our rocket on top.

Once you’ve finished layering, simply roll up the wrap, and you’re good to go.

Note:  We always prepare all of our salad ingredients every Sunday, ready for the working week.  If you store the chopped salad ingredients in separate containers in the fridge, you’ll be surprised at how fresh they stay.