Murray-Plains Health Spa Pty Ltd provides hypnotherapy / psychotherapy as a mobile service to the Sunshine Coast, and Skype / Teleconference Services (Australia-wide).

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool, that creates a highly suggestible state, so that the therapist can bring about change for the client.  The brain has different levels of consciousness, or awareness, ranging from fully alert to drowsy to fully asleep, with variations in between.  Clinical hypnosis deliberately induces a relaxed but focused state of awareness, where a hypnotherapist can use specific therapeutic suggestions and interventions with great effect on our: habits, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, behaviours, and ultimately the choices that we make.

Psychotherapy is a targeted therapy, that is used in combination with hypnosis, in order to treat various emotional patterns, and bring about change.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are used successfully to treat a whole range of: conditions, behaviours, phobias and habits, including: stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, low self esteem, overthinking, lack of confidence, etc…..or if you would like assistance with:  weight loss, studying, smoking, alcohol, training, goal setting and sugar consumption, then book an appointment today, as this type of therapy may be just what you need.

Informed Consent:  Please click  HERE  to read all of our company’s detail around informed consent.  You will be asked to sign an online form regarding informed consent prior to your first hypnotherapy consultation, so please have a read.  

Testimonial:  I would recommend Polly in a heartbeat, for her to help anyone with hypnosis. For my mental health, this would have had to be my best decision.  I have tried all sorts of tablets over the years, but her hypnosis was an instant success.  Astrid


Testimonial:  Polly has changed my life.  I am more confident, I don’t worry like I used to, and my skills  have even increased at work.  The world has opened up for me, and I’m excited and able to make decisions that are right for me, and not just for everyone else.  I can’t believe it; thank you very much.  Simon

So if you’re ready to make a change in your life, then Hypnotherapy can provide a quick and effective solution for you.

Below Are Just Some of the Ways that Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy Can Help You?

Healthy Weight Loss

Become A Non-Smoker

 Reduce Worry & Anxiety

Being Happy Is Easy

Managing Work Stress

Increase Success & Prosperity

Reduce Alcohol For Health

Leaving The Past Behind


Stop Eating Sugar

Reduce Tattling / Dobbing