Mental Health Program

Pauline (Polly) has been successfully treating anxiety, stress and depression for more than 25 years, and provides a very effective treatment regime for her clients.

Polly also treats children and teenagers for general moodiness, anxiety, stress, depression, inability to cope and behavioural issues, and she has found it to be immensely satisfying to watch young children and teenagers change and grow in general happiness, confidence and resilience.

Polly has found that most of her clients benefit from a multi disciplinary approach, and has recently developed a new Mental Health Treatment Program, in response to this.  

The new program provides a suite of natural medicine and hypnotherapy / psychotherapy services, all specifically tailored towards each individual’s needs.   There are three 1.5 hour sessions each fortnight.  These sessions are offered face to face on the Sunshine Coast, or via teleconference or videoconference (in the comfort and privacy of your own home).

Please click below for a free 30 minute consultation, to determine how this program can be of benefit to you.


Please note that any natural pharmacy products dispensed during a consultation are in addition to the program fee.