A Multi-Faceted Approach To Weight Loss Makes Losing Weight Easy.

The very successful Bodybusters Weight Loss Program has been re-developed to include key learnings from the World Wide Food Revolution, as well as four Hypnotherapy Sessions to kick start your weight loss journey.  So what does the new program look like?

Our Weight Loss Program is divided into four key areas of education and support. 

Essentials – Weigh In, Healthy Goals, Macronutrients Explained, Weight Loss Essentials (GI & Catabolic), Getting Moving, Plant Foods & Hypnotherapy Session.

Nutrition – Phytonutrients, Metabolism, Science For Success (Calories) & Hypnotherapy.

Physical Activity – Energy Deficit, Muscle Tone, Vortex (LOA) Explained & Hypnotherapy.

Coaching – Checking in (Weigh In), Body Type, Beliefs, Stress & Hypnotherapy.

4 x 2 hr Sessions over an 8 week period  – $80 per session.  A great long term investment. 

Sessions can be enjoyed one-on-one, or if delivered to a group of 2-4 people can enjoy some fabulous discounts.

Pauline (Polly) provides a multi-dimensional approach to weight loss. She has extensive qualifications and experience with weight loss and has combined these with clinical hypnotherapy, in order to deliver a fresh, new approach to weight loss.

This weight loss program is predominantly plant-based for good reason, so people who decide to undertake this dietary regime must  be prepared to reduce their animal proteins/fats.  So if you want to lose weight by eating delicious foods, then give us a call.

Eating The Rainbow Is The Key To Weight Loss & Good Health.

This new 8 Week Weight Loss Program is designed to bring about lasting weight loss, and increased health and vitality.  So if you are ready to make the change, then telephone or text Polly on 0498392632, or simply click on the button below to book your first session.  If you wish to create a group session, then please give Polly a call.