Women's Issues

Women have a complex hormonal system that provide a number of challenges throughout life. 


A young girl beginning her first menses can experience irregularity, emotional upset (moodiness), headaches and heavy periods.


Similarly a young woman entering her fertile years may experience changes with her cycle after coming off the contraceptive PILL, or may develop illnesses associated with increased oestrogen or unbalanced hormones. Others may even need assistance with their fertility in order to achieve ther family goals.


As a woman enters her fourth and fifth decade, many changes can occur with her cycle as her body begins to adjust towards menopause.  A lot of women with heavy periods may seek medical intervention at this point and there has been a marked increase in hysterectomies over the years and an increase in the use of IUD's to treat this condition. 


A naturopath can assist women at all stages of her life, and there are now a wide range of tests and resource tools available to understand the whole clinical picture of the client, as well as a range of natural remedies to alleviate various symptoms. 


Please note that resource tools often come in the form of charts.  Please click on the following link, in order to download the Ovulation Chart.


Pauline has been working with women and their issues for 23 years, and can provide a wide variety of natural therapies to assist girls and women to transition through the decades.


So don't just accept the signs and symptoms of women's issues as normal, seek out a Naturopathy assessment today.