Weight Loss


Pauline has extensive experience with weight loss, and has designed the very successful Body Busters TM  Low Carb Weight Loss Program (which is now in its 4th edition).


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If you would like to undertake the Low Carb Weight Loss Program, then please telephone Pauline on 0498 392 632 to make an appointment.



Please note that in light of more recent research, Pauline does not promote the consumption of dairy and animal products, do to their affects on the cardiovascular system, and their promotion of various cancers.  Other research has also revealed that our need for protein is not as much as known previously, with only half the requirement (approximately) than is promoted in the Low Carb Weight Loss Program. 


In light of the recent research, Pauline advises that people choose plant-based proteins, whenever possible, and if using the principals of the keto system, to only do so for short periods at a time (to achieve weight loss), and then to eat predominantly a whole food plant based diet thereafter.


Eating a whole food plant based diet will naturally lead to weight loss anyway, and provides the many phytonutrients needed for optimal health.


Pauline will be slowly developing low GI plant based meal options over time, and these will replace the current recipes that have dairy or meat in them.