B12 / Folate

Vitamin B12 and folate tests can be ordered to help diagnose the cause of macrocytic anaemia.  They can also be ordered as a follow-up test when large red cells and decreased haemoglobin concentration are found during a full blood examination. 


Vitamin B12 and folate testing can also evaluate the nutritional status of a person, especially if a person is eating a diet that is low in greens and animal meats, as well as in the case of malabsorption due to alcoholism, coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis and poor acid secretion in the stomach. 


The blood test is also ordered to help diagnose the cause of fatigue, nerve impairment (tingling, burning or numbness), dizziness, weakness, sore mouth or tongue or mental / behavioural changes, especially in the elderly.