Over the last few years myself and my two daughters have had several consults with Pauline for our general health and wellbeing and I have always found Pauline to be very professional in her field.  Her knowlege has been outstanding and has always made it her priority to follow up afterwards.  I would recommend Pauline and her practice if you want professional alternative holistic treatment; you will always be listened too, and Pauline will tailor your needs individually.  Thanks for your help.



In today's crazy world it is a struggle to find a healthy work/life balance, especially if you are dealing with stress, fatigue and women's issues, as they do have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing and subsequently, your quality of life.  I certainly can credit and thank Pauline (Pol) for helping me to achieve a level of wellbeing that connot be found with western medicine alone.  Every time I see Pol I feel reinvigorated that with her extensive knowledge of natural therapies, her caring non-judgemental attitude and diagnostic techniques, that I am achieving a better quality of life and therefore better equipped to deal with everyday life/work issues.  Through Pol I have learnt that I can't fight the body, the smart thing to do is to work with it.  Nothing is too much trouble for Pol and to be able to contact her with the silliest of questions and without judgement is an added bonus.  Thanks Pol!!!



I am extremely happy with the help of Pauline and her natural therapies.  Helping my baby girl control her wind and stomach pains.  I should have seen her months ago.



As well as Pauline being a kind & caring person (who really does care) she has made life changing differences to the health & mental well being of myself & my son.  Her naturopathic products are easy to administer / manage and make an incredible difference.  I recommend Pauline to all my friends.  My son & I cannot thank her enough.



Pauline was recommended to me by a frend and even upon my first meeting with 'Pol' I felt like I had known her for years.  Pauline listens with the utmost interest and makes you feel relaxed so you can tell her how you are feeling or what ails you without judgement, and she subsequently treats you with caring respect and knowledge of natural therapies.  Nothing is of too much trouble and every time I see her it's like seeing an old friend that you greet with a hug (and we do).  I certainly feel that Pauline has helped me through some difficult times and I would highly recommend a visit to Pauline



I suffered for 15 years with chronic inflammation, which was very debilitating and painful.  The medical profession were unable to address nor give me pain relief for this condition (apart from cortisone which was not ideal, did not provide relief and had serious side effects).  So I sought out Murray-Plains Health Spa's services and after a total of three treatments with Microcurrent Therapy I am now pain free for the first time in all these years and no side effects.  The treatment is painless and very, very effective.



I have found Pauline Thorson to be very professional in her caring and truthful assessment and holistic approach to her patient's needs.  This respect is appreciated as her ability to work around any prescription medication being used.  I can confidently say that I have benefited from her care and find satisfaction in the results.

Name supplied but not published