Naturopathy Appt's

Naturopathy Appointments


Murray-Plains Health Spa provides naturopathy consultations to both Koondrook (Vic) and the Sunshine Coast (QLD) as follows:


Koondrook (Vic) Clinic

The next available naturopathy appointments at Koondrook will be in February 2019.  Check back for further updates.  In the meantime, teleconference appointments are available, so please text 0498 392 632 to make an appointment.  All teleconference appointments can also include a VoiceBio assessment, which can be undertaken at the Koondrook clinic prior to the appointment.


Sunshine Coast (QLD) Mobile Clinic

The Sunshine Coast Clinic is now open, and various massage and naturopathy consultations are now available.  Please click on the 'Book Online' feature above for more information.