Our unique DNA blueprint and electro-magnetic energy influences all of our organs, gland and systems of our body.  The heart, lungs, pancreas and nervous system are all made of different tissues, have different nutritional requirements, and have specific roles in function, however they are also a part of a 'whole' system.


All of our organs and systems need to be in constanct communication and interaction, and anything that can interrupt this harmonious functioning can cause imbalance and disease.  For instance if stress is placed on one system or organ, an imbalance can develop with corresponding signs and symptoms of illness or dis-ease.


Each organ has its own keynote frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals and sound vibrations required for its function, and these keynote frequencies found in the body are the very same frequencies found in music.


Through the technology of VoiceBio, the organ's independant frequencies can be captured and translated into a voice print chart, giving a highly accurate indication of physical function.


Where blood is taken to determine a biochemical analysis of the body, a voice print is taken to analyse the body at a physics level.


If you would like more informtion on VoiceBio, then please click on the following link  -  www.voicebio.com


Pauline has been trained in VoiceBio and undertakes a voice print on all clients who present for a naturopathy appointment.  It is a good idea to fast for two hours before having a voice print undertaken, but you need to also ensure that you are well hydrated.


If you would like to make an appointment, then please telephone Pauline on 0498 392 632.