Telomere Testing




Murray-Plains Health Spa now provides DNA testing, in order to test the length of telomeres.


Telomeres are segments of DNA at the end of our chromosomes.  Scientists frequently compare them to the plastic tips of shoelaces that keep the laces together.  Telomores have a similar function, in that they prevent our chromosomes from fraying or tangling with one another.  If this were to happen, it would cause our genetic information to become mixed up or destroyed, leading to cell malfunction and the increased risk of disease and/or a shortened lifespan.


Every time a cell divides, its telomeres become shorter and shorter.  Over the years, telomeres can become too short for more divisions, and the cells can no longer divide. The cell then becomes inactive, dies or continues dividing anyway (which is abnormal and potentially dangerous).


In a way, telomeres act just like our biological clock, getting shorter as the years go by. As more and more cells lose their telomeres, without others taking their place, the body begins to age, can develop chronic disease, cancer, and an increased risk of death.  


Recent science has shown that sometimes we have accelerated ageing, where our telomeres are shortening too fast too early.  The good thing is that we also know that there are ways to address accelerated ageing by slowing down the shortening of our telomeres, and even increasing their length.


Pauline has formed a partnership with a laboratory in the USA, and can now conduct telomere testing (using DNA from the inside of your cheek).  Once the result is known, Pauline can then provide the necessary information, lifestyle advice, and remedy recommendations to promote your health and longevity.  Re-testing can then be undertaken at various times, in order to ensure that your treatment and lifestyle changes are effective.


The cost of telomere testing is $289, and is provided in addition to a Naturopathy consultation. This cost includes the DNA kit, postage, handling, and liaison with the laboratory.


Once the results are known, a follow up naturopathy consultation is booked, where the results are explained and a longevity program is tailored just for you.


So if you would like to know the  lenth of your telomeres, and wish to be actively involved in your own longevity, then telephone or text Pauline on  0498 392 632  to make an appointment.