Spinal Reflex Analysis (SRA)

Spinal reflexes originate directly from the spine, and cause muscle contraction, pain and dysfunction.


Spinal Reflex Analysis (SRA) is the first and only system to identify and treat these reflexes, therefore providing fast and effective relief from pain and dysfunction. 


SRA is widely used to treat overuse injuries, sporting injuries, chronic joint and muscular problems and ongoing muscular pain and dysfunction.


Murray Thorson is the only Specialist SRA Provider in Australia, after having completed all SRA study levels and an internship in California, USA.


SRA is used following a comprehensive assessment and can be used on conjunction with other treatment options.  For more information please click on the following link  -  www.spinalreflexanlaysis.com


So if you've had an ongoing joint or muscular problems and you find that relief following your current treatment doesn't last, then it's time for an SRA assessment. 


SRA is offered as part of a Remedial Massage treatment with Murray Thorson, and you can book an appointment by clicking on the 'Book Online' section at the top of this website. 


When you arrive for your appointment, please indicate to Murray that you are interested in having an SRA treatment.