Micro-current Therapy

In 1830, Dr Carlos Matteucci discovered that injured tissue in the human body discharged electricity and since that discovery, many experiments with microccurent have been undertaken to validate his findings.


Over the years Microcurrent has become an acceptable form of therapy in the treatment of wounds, soft tissue dysfunction and bone facture, because of its ability to 'clear the field of inflammation' and heal the body at a rate of 250-350% faster than someone not using microcurent therapy. 


Microcurrent is literally a 'mild electrical current' , and it is so slight that it would take one million microcurrent machines to light a 40 watt light bulb (and therefore generally sub-sensory). 


It was discovered that an injured or damaged tissue in your body disrupts the natural flow of electricity generated by it.  It therefore, prevents or delays the body from healing itself.  When micocurrent is applied to the injured or damaged area it restores the natural flow of electrical current and therefore assists with healing.  


There are a number of microcurrent devices available today, and most are designed to concentrate on the professional markets (i.e., doctors, physio, remedial therapists, etc).


Pauline is trained in the use of microcurrent therapies and uses the microcurrent machine to treat inflammation and pain.


So if you have a troublesome knee that provides ongoing pain and dysfunction, then please telephone Pauline on 0498 392 632.