Most adults experience insomnia or sleeplessness at some time in their lives.  It is estimated that 30-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia and 10% suffer with chronic insomnia. 


Although insomnia is a nocturnal problem, it is during the day that it has the most impact, with effects such as: increased mood disorders, fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory and irritability being very common.


We all know how healing and restorative a good night's sleep can be - even the most stressful problems can seem easier to cope with in the morning.  Yet stress during the day is often the very trigger that can lead to insomnia. 


Stress management strategies are very important, however sometimes people will need natural therapies to assist them to regain a proper sleep pattern. 


Murray-Plains Health Spa use Iridology and VoicBio to determine the best treatment plan, and can provide various natural medicines to assist people to manage their stress and to restore their sleep. 


A lack of sleep can be very detrimental to your health, so do something about it today.