Atopic eczema is a common skin disorder that can occur in an infantile form (in children), and/or later in adults as well.  It is associated with type one hyersensitivity reaction, and there is usally a family history of asthma, hay fever, and/or atopic skin conditions as well.


Infantile eczema is characterized by dry, red, itchy skin, with accompanying vesicles that may crust or even ooze at times.  It usually begins with the cheeks, and may progress to involve the scalp, arms, trunk and legs.  The infantile form can become milder as the child ages, and can often disappear in the teenager years.


Adolescents and adults with eczema usually have dry, leathery and hyper-pigmented or hypo-pigmented lesions located in the creases of their body, such as the elbows and knees.  There may be spreading of the eczema to the neck, hands, feet, eyelids and behind the ears.


Itching may be severe in both forms (all ages), and secondary infections of the skin are also common. 


Treatment of atopic eczema is designed to target the underlying abnormalities such as: allergen control, dryness, itching and inflammation, and a naturopath is trained in the treatment of of this condition.


There is a lot you can do to decrease your eczema symptoms, and you can even eliminate it entirely. 


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