Weight Loss


Weight gain can happen at any time of your life. 


Unfortunately Australia is now one of the most fattest nations of the world, and the amount of people who now suffer from chronic disease as a result is excalating. 


The reasons for weight gain are numerous.  More and more people overeat on a regular basis, eating more of the wrong foods and leading a more sedentary lifestyle.  A number of illnesses can predispose some people to weight gain, and changes in hormones or thyroid function can do the same.  Similarly many medications can also increase a person's appetite, making it very hard for them to control their eating.


Murray-Plains Health Spa has 25 years of experience in coaching people on how to make the necessary long term lifestyle changes that are usually essential for weight loss and wellness.


Pauline has written a weight loss book (called the Body Busters Low Carb Weight Loss Program), which is now in it's fourth edition.  This book has been very effective in educating people on how to eat the right foods, to lose weight, and to keep it off. 


The program is also a very cost effective means of achieving your weight loss goals, and uses foods instead of costly meal replacements as part of it's program.


So if you have weight to lose, then telephone or text Pauline on 0498 392 632 to make an appointment.