Boy, do we see a lot of this complaint.


There are a number of causes of reflux, including: infestation with helicobacter pylori, decreased acid production, increased or untimely acid production, food intolerances, stress, eating a diet high in cooked, processed and refined foods, over eating, stomach ulcers / inflammation, etc.


Reflux is so common now that various proton pump inhibitors (medications) are some of the biggest selling drugs in Australia.  Yes they decrease the amount of acid being produced by the stomach (and therefore relieve the reflux symptoms), however they also decrease the ability to break down protein in the stomach as well, leading to low Vit B12 absorption, bloating and discomfort.


Murray-Plains Health Spa can refer people for a number of tests to identify the cause of their reflux, and these will commonly include: a digestive analysis, a stool antigen test for helicobacter pylor infestation, and a food intolerance test.


There are various natural remedies which can be used to relieve reflux, however it's very important to eliminate the cause as well.


Often people will be advised to change their diet and lifestyle choices, eliminate an offending food, take various enzymes to help break down their food and/or decrease the stress in their lives to relieve their condition.


It is so easy to just take a pill for reflux and hundreds of thousands of people do this every day, but every pill has side effects. 


If you want to control your reflux using natural therapies and better lifestyle choices, then a naturopath can assist you to achieve this.