Muscular / Joint Pain


Murray-Plains Health Spa has been providing deep tissue and remedial muscular / joint therapies for many years. 


Murray is the primary remedial therapist for the health spa, and he works from the Koondrook Clinic. He provides a range of remedial, sports and joint therapies for specific muscular and joint issues, and can also provide a relaxing deep tissue massage as well. 


Murray is the only certified spinal reflex practitioner in Australia after studying in the US, and he is very experienced in the assessment and treatment of joint and soft tissue dysfunction. 


Murray is also a qualified fitness instructor and can design various remedial stretching or exercises regimes to assist clients to gain strength, mobility and better range of movement as required. 


Murray also has an excellent understanding of the biomechanics of the body and can explain to clients what is causing their pain, and why it's happening.


If you would like to book an appointment with Murray, then click on the Book Online functiobn at the top of the webpage.


Pauline provides mobiledeep tissue relaxation massage on the Sunshine Coast, and you can telephone her on 0498 392 632 for an appointment.









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