Moodiness (in children)


Many children experience moodiness, anxiety, decreased coping, fatigue and even depression in today's society.


Often children have inadequate sleep, are over involved in sport and social activities and are very tired


Others have poor diets, with a heavy reliance on processed, refined and fatty foods, leading to fatigue, poor health, food intolerances and behavioural issues.


There has been a huge increase in ADHD in recent years, with many children now diagnosed and medicated as a result.  Often there are improvements with medication, however these children will usually still have difficulty concentrating, keeping their behaviour under control, and will generally still find it difficult to develop relationships with teachers and other children.


Pauline has been treating children and teenagers for more than 25 years, providing natural treatments to assist to build their confidence, improve sleep patterns, relieve anxiety and moodiness, and to building resiliance.


It has been quite a ride, with immense satisfaction gained from watching children change from being anxious, moody and having decreased coping skills to becoming interactive, fun, loving and confident young people.


One person can set the tone for the whole household, leading to a breakdown in relationships and family life.  It's, therefore, very important to seek treatment for the child or teenager who is suffering from stress, anxiety, tension, depression, etc., in order to 'heal the whole family'.


So if you have a child or teenager who is moody, tired, anxious, depressed, demanding or low in self esteem then telephone Pauline on 0498 392 632 for an appointment.