Depression is much more than just feeling down or tired.  It can be a very serious illness, and symptoms should not be ignored.


Life events, memories and pressures sometimes makes us feel sad, lonelty or moody, however if you feel low for long periods of time and often without reason, then it's time to see your doctor or natural health practitioner.


Some of the signs to look for include:  moodiness (that is out of character), irritability / frustration, withdrawing from social gatherings, friends and family, increased alcohol and drug used, sleeplessness, increased reckless behaviours, decreased motivation and feeling down and/or tired.


A diagnosis can assist in your recovery and can pave the way for various treatments such as: counselling, group therapy, medication, life changes and natural therapies.  Many of the symptoms can also indicate other health issues, and may not necessarily be depression.  It is important that you seek the right advice and an appropriate diagnosis.


Natural therapies can be used in certain types of minor depression, and can be good alternatives to other medications, and homoeopathic medications can be used in conjunction with depression medication in order to obtain a better quality of life.


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