Anxiety / Stress


Anxiety is now very prevalent in Australia, and is often a side effect due to higher demands on performance, longer working hours, inadequate sleep and poor lifestyle choices.  


Anti-depressants are commonly used when someone suffers from anxiety these days, however SSRI's are not always the answer or the whole treatment for the presenting conditions.


Pauline has 25 years of experience with treating mild to moderate anxiety, and can also work closely with your doctor and supplement any medications that you are on as well.


Pauline uses Voice Bio to obtain an overall view of how the client is vibrating, and uses homoeopathic combinations in order to strengthen the person with anxiety, and to relieve the symptoms.  Voice Bio assessment is particularly useful to assess the strength of the adrenal glands and the nervous system.


Many people experience a decrease in their symptoms and an increase in their quality of life after being treated holistically for their anxiety, and homoeopathic substances can be combined with medical drugs safely and without side effects. 


There are also a large range of botanical herbs that can provide relief from anxiety, and these provide a non-addictive alternative for many people.


Pauline also works a lot with small children and teenagers in order to increase confidence, coping skills and to relieve tensions in the family home through the use of natural therapies.  There will often be one person in the household (who may be anxious, moody, demanding, etc), who will set the tone for all interactions in the family, and it has been extremely satisfying for Pauline to provide relevant treatments and 'heal the whole family' as a result.


If you suffer from anxiety, tension or stress then telephone or text Pauline on 0498 392 632 to make an appointment.