Everyone is at risk of toxic stress in today's modern world.  Our bodies create toxins internally as a by-product of metabolism, and we are constantly bombarded by contaminants and pollutants from food, water, immunisations and our environment. 


We need to undergo regular detoxification in order to strenthen our bodies and achieve a higher state of wellness.


Detoxification is not about deprivation and starvation; it is all about realigning our goals with healthy living, increasing our health by consuming vital, unprocessed foods, and ensuring that we get enough exercise, rest, relaxation, social connectedness and laughter.


Murray-Plains Health Spa can assist you to undertake a safe, effective, easy and enjoyable detox.  We do not use any harsh detox processes, and use a combination of nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic products to maximise your detoxification.


We also encourage people to eat a plant-based diet for the duration of the detoxification, and there are many web based resources to assist you with this.  Click  HERE  for a great Beginner's Guide to eating a plant-based diet.  


A detoxification program is combined with a Naturopathy consultion, and the following options are available.  


Option One           -  $  40.00      Short Detox Consultation


Detox Products    -  $169.00      1 Herbal Powder / 3 Homoeopathic Remedies / 1 Probiotic


So if you're ready to focus on your health, then telephone Pauline on 0498 392 632 and book your appointment. 


Health Fund Rebates are available.