Water Intake

Most people do not drink enough water, and many people are chronically dehydrated and don't even know.  Water is essential for our bodies, and assists us to regulate our body temperature, assists in cushioning our joints, plays a role in eliminating wastes, as well as many, many other complex and essential functions.


There are many different formulas for calculating how much water we should drink every day.  Some experts say that we should consume a minimum of 20mls of water per kilo of body weight per day, whilst others say that we should consume approximately 30mls per kilo.


We tend to work out our daily water consumption by adopting a mediun 25mls per kilo of body weight per day, however this would be our minimum intake.  If you would like to use this same formula, then the following applies:

  • a 50kg person will need to drink 1.25 litres of water per day,
  • a 75kg person will need to drink 1.875 litres of water per day,  &
  • a 100kg person will need to drink 2.5 litres of water per day.


If it's a hot day and/or if you're exercising then your consumption will need to be more. 


When working out your daily water consumption, do not count any cups of coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks.


So....are you drink enough water?



Alzheimer's Alarm

Australia is in danger of an Alzheimer's epidemic because of unhealthy living, experts warn. Top scientists warn if people do no dramatically improve their lifestyles, Alzheimer's will soon become a massive economic drain.  A new study by one of the nation's leading scientists has found that people who never exercise are much more likely to have a build up of Alzheimer's-causing plaque in their brains. And experts are discovering stronger links between Alzheimer's and diet.  The full news report can be found in the 'Dis-ease' section of this website, under the Alzheimer's sub-heading.

as reported in the Herald Sun (4th Nov, 2012).