Reducing Lectins In Our Diet




Lectins are a naturally occurring protein found in many foods, however eating too many Lectins can be unhealthy for us.    


Please click below for some comprehensive advice regarding how to eat a wide variety of wholefood plant-based foods without the risk of high Lectin consumption.


Please click  HERE.



Please note that I do not support the 'Fat For Fuel' concept at the bottom of the please do not be tempted to eat a diet that is high in fat.

Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer




Well it's time to become controversial.


We've known for years that mammograms cause cancer and  I have always provided information to my clients regarding this.  I have, however, not taken such a public stance on this topic......until now.


The following video explains the options that women have, if they choose NOT to have a routine mammogram.


I implore all women to become aware of the dangers of mammograms, and you can start by clicking  HERE  and  HERE  and  HERE.