Vegans Need To Know Their Nutrient Levels




A plant-based diet is no different to an animal-based diet; both can lead to deficiencies.  


For instance when eating a plant-based diet, you need to watch out for deficiencies in B12, Vit D3, Vit K2, Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Zinc, whilst a diet that includes animal proteins can be too high in fat and deficient in fibre and a wide range of phytonutrients.  


If you eat a plant-based diet, or wish to be a healthier Vegan, then click  HERE  for more information.


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Medical Cannabis Is Needed Now


 Medical Cannabis


Please click HERE for a collection of very informative videos on why the politicians and medical world need to become better informed about medical cannabis.  People suffering from pain, chronic conditions and terminal illnesses are forced to run the gaunlet of the law, just to obtain relief and/or to stay alive.


Yes, Australia is in the process of legalizing Medical Cannabis, however the process is taking too long and is wrapped up in red tape.  For instance why is Australia doing trials?  There have been so many scientific trials world wide already, and other countries are decades ahead of us with regards to research and prescribing ratios. Why are we seemingly 'starting from scratch?'.....whilst people continue to suffer?


It's time that we all leave our prejudices behind, because Cannabis has been found to NOT be a gateway drug, and is not nearly as strong or as harmful as the narcotics and opioids that doctors are currently prescribing (within the law). 


So set aside some time and watch the videos, because you (or a loved one) may need this information at some stage of your life.


Then become an activist, and speak with your local politician, to see what s/he is doing about supporting the Medical Cannabis movement.


Just for the record, I have never had Cannabis, or any other I'm not pushing a medical barrow for a recreational outcome.  I'm a science trained naturopath who is sick and tired of our government determining the outcome of people's lives.