Longevity Program

Murray-Plains Health Spa has developed a new Longevity Program, that is designed to  assess your current cellular longevity, and to maximise your cellular and DNA health.


The program is designed for people (50 years and over), and can form the basis by which to avoid chronic disease and ill health in later years.


It is NEVER too late to begin the Longevity Program, so don't despair if you're considerably older than 50, as change at any age and stage can provide massive benefits.


The new Longevity Program, includes:

  • Naturopathy Consultations x 2,.
  • Telomere, Nutritional & General Testing,
  • Dietary & Lifestyle Advice,   &
  • Supplements (for nutritional gaps)


Please note that Telomere testing includes the purchase and processing of a DNA kit, and the kit is only available for purchase from Murray-Plains Health Spa following a Naturopathy consultation.


Nutritional and General testing is conducted via blood tests, and Pauline can provide a referral for your tests, or a list to provide to your General Practitioner.


If you would like more information, then please click  HERE,  or contact Pauline on 0498 392 632.  Otherwise, simply click on the 'Book Online' feature of this website and make an appointment for a Naturopathy, VoiceBio & Iridology consultation to get started.


In the meantime, click HERE for information on why we should eat a Plant-Based diet,  and HERE for some delicious recipes.